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WDH Solutions provides a range of professional services that can turn your business into a success. Amongst others our services include search engine optimization, administration and maintenance as well as advertising on the internet.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique which aims at increasing significantly the possibilities of your website appearing at the top results of a search engine, for relevant searches. Important factors that affect a website’s rank in search engines results include amongst others the content and structure of the website, the HTML meta-tags and the submission process.

WDH professional personnel’s can boost your website ranking at the top of relevant search results, allowing more traffic and more potential customers to reach your website.

Search Engine and Directories Submission

WDH uses professional software tools to submit your website to the top search engines. Most websites are not submitted to search engines and therefore are hidden from their customers. Submission to search engines is a vital factor for promoting a website and the business itself.

Apart from submitting to search engines, WDH can also submit your website to different directories. Submitting to different directories not only implies that you will get more visitors from these directories but also that you will get more inbound links which will boost you search engine rankings.

Administration and Maintenance

After publishing a website on the internet one must administer and maintaine a website in order to ensure availability to the public as well as up to day content. Products, services or available information on a website may go out of date. Hence, this information must be updated to ascertain that customers are correctly informed about the operations of your business. WDH professionals can administer as well as maintain your website at low cost.

Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the internet is another crucial factor for business enhancement. Advertising on the internet can guarantee more exposure for your business, especially when the advertising is carried out locally. WDH can advertise businesses in Cyprus and Greece on a number of different websites with a large number of visitors from Greece and Cyprus. This means that your business is advertised and directed to the relevant potential customers.

Web Solutions Available

Online Car Dealer
   Online car dealer web solution is a complete application for car dealers. Supports RSS and includes professional sales reports.

XProperty - Sales/Rentals
   XProperty is a complete web application for real estate developers and real estate agents. Selling and Renting properties is made easy using XProperty.

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